Zara’s Latest Collection Captures The Spirit Of Summer



Zara’s latest collection! Captures The Spirit Of Summer
Zara’s latest collection! Captures The Spirit Of Summer/Photo Credit:THE IRISH TIMES
Summer is associated with good weather and there are dresses that goes well with it. This is the exact dress that  captures the spirit of the season and you can get them from Zara’s latest collection. It is just nods to bohemian styles which neither goes odd nor out of fashion.

It is also an additional approach making reverence to the then 1970s- This was the period when people dress funny- with long skirts and floppy hats, spectacular look of the decade.

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This summer dress is just an opposite of winter’s dress,having it’s own fashion too.This is the period one has to do the needful by going for dresses that are thick such as; long sleeve clothes, winter’s coat, long boot, hats, etc, all these to ensure that the entire body is well covered.

While summer dresses are meant to be free, cool and beautiful, with lots of designs, it is  just a normal dress. It also goes with sandals or any foot wear that makes your feet free unlike the winter’s boot that is worn as a result of much cold.

Zara’s strong-point has always been seasonal dresses with no exception to the summer season. The wide range offers are; patchwork, tartan mixes, embroidery, embellishment, vintage florals and bold stripes.

The Design of the dress

Zara’s latest collection, the long dress are made of – suitable buttons that runs down the front, sleeves inclusive, then a pleasant mixture of red and pink with an added section of sunny yellow print. This is lovely and also cool for festival. One good thing about this dress is the combination of superb bright colours also goes well over bronze skin.

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Summer is already on the way? Zara’s latest collection is the answer!!!

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