Some Kenyan food varieties that taste real good

IRIO; Kenyan food/ Photo Credit: Migrationology
Kenyan food varieties is something one can’t let go after consumption. One thing about food is that it varies from one country and tribe to another. No food is restricted to any tribe or country, people also borrow food from other countries because they either love adventure or want to know how good other people’s food taste.

Kenya is one of the African countries which has its capital as Nairobi. It lies on the equator and overlies the East African Rift. Therefore,we want to make some travels to Kenya in order to know some of their food and the way they are prepared.

Some of the Kenyan food varieties are ;


It is a sort of snack though borrowed from India but turned  Kenyan food. They are in a small triangular shape with packed spiced meat and vegetables wrapped within, then deep fried to a golden brown. To enjoy samosas better, squeeze and sprinkle lime juice on them. You can find these snacks allover Nairobi both in the eatery and on the streets.

SAMOSAS: Kenyan food/Photo Credit : Migrationology


This is undeniable and most common Kenyan food staple – It is usually made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water and heated until it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste. It has the consistency of grainy dough and the heaviness of a brick. Ugali alongside a small amount of cooked vegetables or saucy stew is a normal meal for many Kenyan.

UGALI,; Kenyan food/ Photo Credit : Migrationology


This is one of the popular dishes in Kenya, a food that originates as a Kikuyu staple then spread all through the country. To add to irio, green peas and potatoes are boiled and then mashed up before whole kernels of maize (corn) to give the mash some extra starch and texture. This roasted nyama choma meat (nyama na irio) or just some Kenyan style stew are really famous in Kenya.

IRIO; Kenyan food/ Photo Credit: Migrationology


Pilau is a combination of rice cooked with flavor bursting spices like cumin, cardamon, cinnamon, and cloves. The rice is very good to eat with a form of meat stew and some slices of fresh tomatoes and onions for garnishing. The rice smells really nice.

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PILAU RICE: Kenyan food/Photo Credit : Migrationology

SUKUMA WIKI [ vegetable dishes]; This food is also known as (collard greens or a form of kale in English). It is a nutritious green leafy vegetable and often cooked in oil with a few diced tomatoes, onions, and flavored added to it with a sprinkle of mchuzi mix (Kenyan food secret flavoring salt – MSG) or stock cube flavoring. This tastes so delicious, it is indeed a sumptuous meal.

SUKUMA WIKI: Kenyan food/ Photo Credit : Migrationology


Kenyan stew is very rich in varieties of meats, these includes: Beef stew, goat stew, chicken stew or any other animal stew. The stew dishes also include a few other base vegetable ingredients such as carrots, peppers, peas, or potatoes. The sauce is usually cooked from a light tomatoes base and garnished with onion, salt and pepper and that essential mchuzi mix.

KENYAN STEW: Kenyan food/ Photo Credit : Migrationology


No Kenyan food list is not complete without a mention of nyama choma, also known as roasted meat. It is a combination of beef and goat meat but chicken (kuku choma) and fish (samaki choma) are also valid choices.The choice part of the animal is the fat and the grizzle which is often eaten with a quick dip into a pile of salt for extra flavoring.

NYAMA CHOMA: Kenyan food/Photo Credit: Migrationology


Chapatis originates from the influence of the Indian population. It is made with a flour dough that is wound into a coil before being rolled into a flat round circle. The dough is then fried on a skillet accompanied by plenty of oil so it becomes crispy on the edges but remains moist and doughy on the interior. It can be said to be one of the special food of the Kenyan and it goes well with fried cabbage, beans, or even just rolled up with a cup of tea.

CHAPATI; Kenya food/photo Credit:Migrationology


It is one of the most famous on-the-go snacks in Kenya. The corn is picked when it has become mature and dry starch that is perfect for roasting over hot embers. As the maize roasts to some kernels pop-like popcorn, others blacken to a crunchy crisp. It goes with  chili lime salt garnish as some street stall vendors  supplies them.

ROASTED MAIZE; Kenyan food/Photo Credit; Migrationology

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This double hut burger is particularly from Burger Hut Nairobi. It’s so mouthwatering that it will leave you longing for more. It is said that these burgers have the potential to put a smile on someone’s face. However, it is not a traditional Kenyan food staple. The preparation differs; some restaurants grills theirs while others choose to deep fry and also adds extra grease for more delicious calorie.

BURGER HUT: Kenyan food/Photo Credit: Migrationology
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