15 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes To Add To Your Eco-Friendly Makeup Bag

15 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes To Add To Your Eco-Friendly Makeup Bag - Surge Zirc
Detox Market/Photo credit: Huffpost

Turning your make-up routine into something a bit more animal-friendly is easier than you’d think. Whether you start with your mascara or your make-up wipes, we’re here to help you out on your journey to a cleaner and cruelty-free beauty routine.

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Makeup brushes are probably not front of mind when you decide to transition to cruelty-free makeup brands, but they should be. Many of the soft and fluffy brushes you use are made with the real fur of soft and fluffy animals. Not cool, right? Vegan and synthetic brushes can actually deliver just as good (if not better) results because their synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic and less expensive. It’s a win-win.

Ready to add another vegan beauty find to your makeup bag? See below for 15 cruelty-free makeup brushes:


Ecotool/Photo credit Goodle

EcoTools is PETA certified, its handles are made from renewable bamboo and other recycled materials, and it’s extremely affordable.

Illamasqua/Photo credit: Google

Their make-up brushes are made entirely out of synthetic hair.

100%Pure/Photo credit: Google

100% pure is committed to producing the purest products and their brushes are made with recycled synthetic fibers.

Nordstrom/Photo credit: Google

I just bought the Luxie 110 brush for concealer and it’s a game changer. Their high-quality synthetic brushes are handcrafted to perfection using hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free materials.

Amazon/Photo credit: Google

These cruelty free, synthetic bristles are less prone to breakage than natural hair brushes, allowing for a smoother, more even application.

Detox Market/Photo credit: Huffpost

Cruelty-free and designed with super-sleek duo-tone synthetic bristles, Alima Pure’s brush collection is equal parts high-performance and luxe.

Target/Photo credit: Huffpost

These cruelty-free brushes are made with incredibly soft, synthetic fibers that pick up the perfect amount of product and blend seamlessly into the skin.

Sephora/Photo credit: Huffpost

Kat Von D uses the highest grade synthetic fibers that mimic the same product distribution you would get from animal-based bristles.

Illamasqua/Photo credit: Google

If you’re looking for affordable brushes that are synthetic, vegan and cruelty free, e.l.f. is where it’s at.

Sephora/Photo credit: Huffpost

The entire Beauty Blender collection and cleansers are 100% cruelty free.

Antonim/Photo credit: Google

Antonym makeup brushes are certified vegan.

The body brush/Photo credit: Huffpost

The Body Shop is one of my favorite cruelty-free brands. And they have a ton of synthetic brushes for every type of contour, sculpt, or shape.

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