Police Investigate Death Of 3 Persons On New Year’s Eve in Joburg

The City of Johannesburg told news men that no relative of the victim has been contacted as yet.

Police Investigate Death Of 3 Persons On New Year's Eve in Joburg - Surge Zirc
Building in Joburg/Photo credit:deathofjohannesburg

Police is currently investigating the death of three persons who reportedly died in Johannesburg, South Africa on New Year’s Eve, while others were grooving for a successful cross over to the new year.

On among the three reported death occurred during the City of Johannesburg’s New Year’s party in Newtown…where the victim got stabbed badly to death leaving his dead body at the party venue before the arrival of the police.

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Police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubele, confirmed the death thus: ”the man collapsed after the party and when he was found, a stab wound was discovered.”

The City of Johannesburg told news men that no relative of the victim has been contacted as yet. Thereby urged anyone who have link that could lead to the relative of the victim to proceed with the information.

The organizers of the event may not be blamed for the death since they said that all necessary safety measure were implemented to make the party a crime free one.

“All stakeholders confirmed that all necessary safety measures were fully implemented during the event. Incidents like these are regrettable and unfortunate.”

Next was the death of a security guard of a hotel in Hillbrow who was shot flat dead on same New Year’s Eve.

The police spokesperson, Makhubele said:  the man was shot as he arrived for work and died at the scene. A case of murder is being investigated. He assures.

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Makhubele reported the third death to be of a case where a man fell from the sixth floor of a building in Hillbrow. So far, there’s no clue as to why the man fell from the building, whether depression or not, no one knows yet.

There was also a clear case of 16 car accident follow the activities of the New Year’s Eve in Joburg.

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