3 Kinds Of New Year Resolutions To Consider For 2019

“I don’t care about feeling like a big shot. I just want a castle on the beach because I really like water.”

3 New Kinds Of New Year Resolutions To Consider For 2019 - Surge Zirc
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Traditionally, everyone is currently thinking of making new goal and new year resolutions. whether they’ll be kept or not, there’s the tendency of wanting to make goals that will lead the way to making the new year more successful than the previous one.

Most times, new year resolutions seldom go as planned. But it’s advisable to revisit it and compare it to your current habit, vision and goals, then figure out what is most necessary for you to change.

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Most successful people will tell you to ride your way to the top at all cost, if that works for you, then go for it with all pleasure. But if it doesn’t, you have to learn how to strategize and workout your success following our verified process and just know… you have a lot of company.

The type of goal you neglect, and never believed is necessary might hold the key that unlocks your success. You might find it useful to set different kind of goals. Goals that focuses on how you want to think or feel. You could even set a goal to embrace different kinds of problems, and on the long run it will pave way to your biggest hit.

Here are some goals that will help you create broader pathway to you aspired success (and, yes, success) in this year.

How do I want to think?

You must know by now that how we think about something determines our behavior plays out towards that thing.

For example, what you believe about stress will influence how you behave under stress — whether you try to avoid your stress or face them.

If what you’re experiencing in your life right now is not part of what you expected, it means your behavior you’ve been putting in towards that thing doesn’t measure up at all.

When you discover that your behavior is the problem, then you must begin to consider how to make them better as quick as possible.

If you have what researcher Carol Dweck called a fixed mindset,you’ll tend to aim for easy, “safe” goals that don’t really excite you.

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If you have a big dream but it scares you to even get started, you may find that cultivating a growth mindset can give you the energy and courage to move forward with it. When on this lane you must avoid the mindset that tells you ”no. no” that you can’t possibly achieve it.

How do I want to feel? Should be part of your new year resolutions

These are the most common new year resolutions you find almost everyone writing yearly, ‘I want to make a lot of cash this year’, ‘I want to get a well paid job’, ‘I want to keep a beautiful look’.

We want to feel important, we want to be admired, we want to feel like we’re doing Life real well. And yet, few people will admit to this. You often hear:

“I don’t care about feeling like a big shot. I just want a castle on the beach because I really like water.”

Maybe instead of (or in addition to) giving up smoking, sugar, and getting into fights on Facebook, we could give up being ashamed of wanting to feel like we matter.

Your business, project, or side hustle probably has the capacity to produce a wonderful change for other people. That’s what most successful business is all about.

What are the “high-quality problems” I want to have?

I’m going to give it to you straight.

What is the big business goal you have for 2019? To get your business to the next stage right, or double your fees as a freelancer, or see tons of traffic and influence coming to your site?

All of those are going to amount to new set of problems. You should also know by now that being busy and successful brings problems. Like real High-quality problems.

I think it’s wise to treat balance, self-care, and perspective as goals, too.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a horrible way to create real success.

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But you don’t need to let fear, stress, or “high-quality problems” keep you from trying to do something amazing. Business is creative, frustrating, intimidating, challenging, and, yes, stressful.

Finally, always know that a meaningful life is full of high-quality problems.

What are the “high-quality problems” problems you’d like to have in 2019?

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