Mixed Reaction: Apple’s Ad At CES 2019, Just Catchy Or What?

Mixed Reaction: Apple's Ad At CES 2019, Just Catchy Or What?-Surge Zirc
Apple’s ad at CES 2019,Apple’s ad roused mixed feelings/Photo credit: Twitter

There’s been mixed reactions towards the new user privacy ad put up by Apple at the world’s biggest tech trade show, Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which holds every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Apple has never been a participant at the show, but this year the tech giant put up a huge billboard advertisement at CES 2019 and the content of this advert which focuses on privacy has roused reactions from tech gurus and Apple iPhone users.

The huge billboard advertisement which was posted on the side of a hotel in Las Vegas reads: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” The ad has a link to Apple’s privacy page on the official company website.

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The billboard advertisement grabbed attention for various reasons, one is that Apple has never participated at CES; another is that this ad statement is coming at a time after Apple revised its upcoming revenue forecast due to lower sales of the iPhone.

Some persons believe that the ad was shrewd as Apple’s  focus on privacy is nothing new, but too often turns out not to be as they present.

There were reports of smart speakers listening into users’ conversation and sparking off privacy concerns.

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Check out some reactions on twitter as regards Apple’s advertisement at CES 2019

One security editor with TechCrunch, Zack Whittaker was so unimpressed and he expressed fully his thought about Apple’s ad, adding few examples to showcase Apple’s shortcomings on privacy.

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