Pastor Tonto Dikeh Must Be Called To Order, Facts

When there is no regulation, anarchy sets in

Pastor TonTo Dikeh Must Be Called To Order, Facts - Surge Zirc
Supposed Pastor Tonto Dike/Photo credit: Instagram

Tonto Dike must be called to order. The rate at which she reflects the traits of her father in the lord, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is alarming. At first, the actress came out of the blues and announced she was not just a born again, but an ordained pastor.

She succeeded on holding just a few women fellowship gathering and her candle quenched. Lol. After a while, Pastor Tonto Dike’s started hanging out with Bobrisky, a man/woman personality, which almost turn her Instagram page down after she posted a picture of both of them kissing. We couldn’t know if pastor Tonto was kissing the real man in Bobrisky or the woman he claims to be…confusion!

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Meanwhile, the pastor that ordained Tonto Dike as a pastor is Bushiri currently facing charges in South Africa, where his host community in Pretoria, Johnnesburg asked him to pack his things and go out of the country. Where to, since his country Malawi denied him permission to open a church there.

Prophet Bushiri’s ordeal started after three persons allegedly died in his church and he never informed the police until when he deemed it necessary to do so, which resulted in a serious demonstration by the community residents in Pretoria, who later blocked his church entrance requesting he pack-up and leave. Bushiri has been labelled a fake pastor with several allegations. Bushiri and Tonto Dikeh were also in the news sometime ago for allegedly having sex.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s spiritual daughter, Tonto Dike, woke the curiosity in many Instagram users after she published a post which suggests that she still pastors. The post reads:

Tontolet: ”Good morning beautiful people of God,(ROR) *WALKING IN HIS PERFECT WILL*…that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God* (Romans 12:2). You can live in God’s perfect will for your life as you follow Him in and through the Word. You can know and walk in His preordained paths for you. Once you recognize and yield yourself to Him, His will is no longer a mystery.

”He illumines your heart and your path to comprehend and apprehend His purpose for your life. You’d be in God’s place, in God’s time, for God’s purpose, in God’s way, and for God’s delight. Hallelujah! Some people are in the wrong job, business, relationships, etc., and as a result, they’re living amiss without realizing it. Nothing about your life should be outside the will and purpose of God for you, including those you meet, where you go, the things you do, and so much more.

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”The Bible says, *“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God”*(Romans 8:14). When you yield yourself to the Spirit to lead and guide you, nothing happens to you or with you by chance! You’d meet only those He planned to be in your path, whether good or bad, but are integral to fulfilling your destiny in Him. Nothing compares to living in God’s perfect will; walking in His prearranged path; His exact plan and purpose for you at any given time.

”Therefore, in your life, and especially at these beginning days of the New Year, before you take major steps or decisions, be sure they’re in sync with God’s perfect will. Spend time to meditate on the Word and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and there’ll be a light in your spirit; a consciousness of what you’re supposed to do. Perhaps, you think you’ve been out of the perfect  will of God for your life, and as a result, things have been skewed.

”There can be a change even now! First, recognize that God is big enough to change things for you, or even create a new and better destiny for you. Yes, He can, because He’s God Almighty. Secondly, decide that effective immediately, you’ll allow the Holy Spirit have the do.”

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In as much as a content is good, the can containing it needs look like it. The photo with which the post was made never suggested the bearer knows the word ‘God’.

Tonto Dikeh must decide on whose side she is, God or His enemy. Her decision must start with doing away with Bobrisky who’s obviously a mark down.


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