Actor Jim Iyke Compelled to Explain Why He’s Always on the Move


The widely traveled actor took to his Instagram page to say that he has been compelled by self to explain the reason why his always traveling.

Jim Iyke
Jim Iyke/ Photo credit: Instagram

Social media is now an avenue where anybody goes to say whatever he or she feels like saying.

Nollywood actor and producer Jim Iyke has made his social media account a platform where he can easily blow his trumpet and get unnecessary attention. The widely traveled actor took to his Instagram page to say that he has been compelled by self to explain the reason why his always traveling.

According to Jim…

“People that know people I know wanna know why I’m always on the move. kinda felt compelled to proffer some kinda explanation. Building my 4 odd BIZ platforms to thrive and surmount.The matrix of how it works devinely is totally beyond me. The genesis of it in my life was attracted by the entirety of my being. I would travel for even the narrowest of opportunities totally led by my instincts.The challenge and novelty of each trip is my catalyst.
A few yrs ago I was burnt out. worked myself into a coil. Creatively submerged in the same element. Socially swimming against the tide.  So i hit the pause button.Needed a total overhaul. The furthest distance in the world is btw how u see the world and how the world really is. I worked out the algorithm of giving in a peculiar way to access the unorthodox blessings of the maker of men.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

“I became an avid student of the laws of attraction. We ‘re men of the east. Barely educated relatives will forge a path in commerce or any industry, best classically tutored minds and leave no recourse on our psyche that you can be anything u wish to be when u set your mind to it! I merge entities. I couple like minds. I seek out needs and find people that will solve it. I spread my seeds in as many boarders and platforms as permissible. In return I’ve blessed many others and continue to do so on a regular without remiss or public declaration.”

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“Many on this window will bear witness. I choose those that my gut leads me to in dire need. My only prerequisite is lack of showmanship. My surmise has always been that to ask takes a measure of pride and dignity. Furthermore the receiver silently but resentfully considers the exhibition a travesty necessary to survive. I give oxygen to only my beliefs and convictions period. So forgive me if I offend. My reason is forged above the court of social media. It’s not generosity born out of guilt. Validation born out of a bereft of character and individualism.
So be careful what you ask for. The rock of ages moulds your most fervent requests on a bilateral reciprocate of your sacrifice and commitment.
Hey! what do I know? I’m just a lowly actor. jet lagged and travel weary.
Hello London!!”

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