African Attire should not be seen as informal in African work environment?


I have been through organizational rules, and there is nothing as pricking as knowing that attire or styles made of African fabrics are not seen as formal dressing at work places here in African.

African attires

The worst is that, even when their shirt, trouser, gown or whatever style they made have the pattern of the supposed formal (English) attire, it will still not be seen as a formal dressing suitable for formal organization if it’s made of African fabric. I disagree with that rule.

English attire should be seen as a formal dress code suitable for formal work places in the English environment,

while African dresses and styles should be seen as formal dress code suitable for work places around the African environment.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike, the boycott master took a pragmatic approach to correcting this menacing practice in the formal organizations in the African environment, when he stopped all staff under his watch, as the then minister of works from wearing English to work.

After the death of Mazi Mbonu Ojike, Africans around the globe, has accepted and also taken the lead in promoting the acceptance of African attire been regarded as informal in work environments in Africa. Funny enough, African employers sees nothing wrong with that practice, but the truth is that whether we see something wrong in it or not, it is demining to the tradition and culture of the African people.

African Attire

Embracing the Western culture totally without checks of how it will play back on us as a people cannot add value to African culture. It will rather wipe away the way of life of the African communities.

Borrowing Western culture

Emphatically, I’ve not condemned Africans borrowing Western cultures but I am personally sick of copying everything the Westerns people do, without considering how doing so will play back on us, our environment, our social life, our religious belief so on and so forth.

A continent like Africa can borrow some way of life of the West, but it should be only traditions that will complement its own tradition without a threat of wiping out completely the mother tradition.

Promoting African tradition;

Promoting the African tradition is possible only when the turmoil that is fast eating up the system is identified and adequately addressed without sentiment.
Our culture and traditions defines us as Africans, let us promote the rich African heritage in oneness.
Written by Sam Zewas

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