Alibaba Reacts To Claim Of Not Being Raised By Parents As Reasons For Being Poor

Alibaba Reacts To Claim Of Not Being Raised By Parents As Reasons For Being Poor - Surge Zirc
Comedian Alibaba/Photo credit: Instagram

This is a food for thought for those who believe that their background is reason enough for their back to remain on the ground. Nigerian comedian explains why father’s result should not determine the son’s result as he reacts to a post made on social media in respect of peoples poor mentality towards life.

alibabagcfr ”It’s not in doubt that many people come from broken homes. But the point I am making, just like @chanaicollections is saying here, is that there are many people who are out there, facing their daily grind, without the luxury of knowing their parents. Let’s work with this, “You were a product of a relationship. You were born. That’s it. The race is now yours. Don’t let anyone run your race on your behalf”.

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”Left to my Dad, I would be in a government Ministry now, not a comedian. Activate your potentials. Osayi, said she was lucky to have met a Bank GM, in 2003. She had been bitter with all men. Because her dad, in 1984, left them (mum, 3 older brothers and a physically challenged younger sister, to marry another woman. The whole family was torn apart. School stopped for everyone. Then the mum started frying akara.

”Her brothers, who showed signs of cerebral capacity dropped out of school. One became a bus driver, the second joined a furniture company and the 3rd started playing football for Bendel Insurance. So it was just all 3 of the rest: mum and 2 daughters. And the 3 of them built 3 houses, bought trucks and went into haulage business. The Bank GM stopped her, “My sister you were lucky”.

”How? Osayi asked. “Unlike you, my older brother and I grew up in Onitsha market. My mum died while being delivered of me. It was a polygamous home. And 3 years after she died, my dad too died. We were on the street 4 months after he was buried. My brother who was 10, started working as a plate washer in a restaurant. That’s how we fed.” Osayi started crying. The GM handed her tissues.

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“My brother got promoted to cook, after 6 years. And he sent me to school from what he earned. We lived in the restuarant for 10 years. I passed my common entrance at 13yrs. Got a scholarship and I am here. I hate no man. I work hard. After God, it’s my brother. He later became a Chef in Grand Hotel, Asaba…” Osayi, left the bank GM with a new understanding of life. If anyone can make it without help, anyone with a little help has no excuse. Have a fruitful day.”

Wake up people and get to work! Let’s quit being lazy Nigerians…Lol!

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