Ancient African-Thatch-Building Hits Technological Refinement



Ancient African-Thatch-Building Hits Technological Refinement
Modern thatch roof design/photo credit:

Professional Architects and Building Contractors discovers yet another explorable treasure in Africa; the modernized thatch roof.  Over the years, thatch houses have been used to depict poverty at its apex. No wonder the 21st century African generation will never mention or let you see their villages with thatch houses.  What a misconception!

Do you know how I define thatch houses?  For me, they are simply good houses made with the best of roofing material of its time and generation.

Yes, as at the time of our fore-fathers and great-grand fathers, I mean in the absence of Science and Technology, life was easy, sweet and less complicated. People made good innovations with nature; the trend which Science and Technology is following till date.

Thatch houses for them were comfortable, provided and maintained the right temperature needed to ensure comfort, and also, met one of the basic needs of human; the need for a shelter.

Today, some Africans are ashamed of being associated with thatch houses; they deny knowing those Uncles and Aunts, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces who still leaves in thatch houses, they attach and associate poverty to them and as a result, have sworn never to visit such ones in their homes to avoid entering or sleeping over in a thatch-roofed house.

Local thatch roof/ Photo credit:

I think it all depends on your standard of living and the availability of raw material needed to transform your world and build your dreams following the trend of times.

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Step up those outdated heritages instead of condemning and abandoning them.

Modernized thatch roof is here to update and to revive the outdated form of thatch which some of us wrongly associates with ancient times and poverty.

Have you noticed that at least 50% of modern-day recreational/tourism centers are designed and beautified with thatch buildings and bars? Does that appeal to you?

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Then, join the team of professional bodies whose vision is to create, develop and maximally implement their knowledge in the actualization of a better living condition.

Don’t forget, Technology is here to update that which has been in existence and not to erase them. Do not run away from your origin, your heritage and culture. Instead, endeavor to take active share in the development and innovative processes geared towards the revival of African values.

They are your heritage. Don’t let it go.

Written by Susan Dikeji

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