Ants Eat up new Born Baby 


A new born baby has reportedly been found in pile of rubbish, after being eaten by ants.

According to report, a bin man rescued the newborn baby who was wrapped in a pink blanket and it has been thought that she was deliberately dumped into bile of rubbish.

The baby who already has bite marks all over its body was found on Monday at 1:30am in Chonburi, Thailand.

She was found by a 53 year old man, identified as Rungroj Attra, as he was clearing the bush. He picked her up and called the police when he discovered that her heart was still beating faintly.

The police arrived with rescue workers followed by paramedics and touching footage shows the amazing moment that the almost lifeless girl sprang back to life as a nurse deliberately tapped her head.

Police Captain, Nattawut Na Chiangmai, while addressing newsmen stated that, “The baby was carelessly left there. We suspect that the intention was for her to die, as the trash can would have hidden her body and the ants would have killed her.”

However, the baby is now being cared for at the Chonburi Hospital while the police are trying to investigate where her mother is.


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