Aw!! See Comedian AY’s Latest Philanthropic Activity On Internet

Aw!! See Comedian AY's Latest Philanthropical Activity On Internet - Surge Zirc
Nigerian comedian AY/ Photo credit: Instagram

Comedian AY is no new name in the Nigerian entertainment industry especially in comedy. He’s not just a funny stage joker but also an entrepreneur whose business sense has helped create the biggest comedy show in Nigeria and beyond – ‘A Y Live’.

But is AY really funny? Really can’t hook that up now, let’s quickly X-Ray Ayo’s relevance today as much as we can.

Do you know that AY is also a movie producer with a distinction? Yes…I said with a distinction. Kai! This guy has got a business sense like no other. Okay! Watch this. Among other comedians AY isolated himself and created the now biggest comedy show in Nigeria know as ‘AY Live’, recently he joined the movie industry and produced a hit comedy movie ’30 days in Atlanta’ which made it way to the Guinness Book of Record, shocked? Hold on! That movie made above N150,000,000.00 in less than four months.

His next movie ‘A Trip To Jamaica’ also sneaked into Guinness Book of Records, making so much income in a short while. Damn! How did he do this? Don’t ask me…Sense fell on him.

Now this record breaker and pace setter has done something absolutely remarkable in the life of a small child ‘Taju’ whose father is a street drunk and smoker and could not afford to send to school.

AY raised a support campaign to send the little less privileged Nigerian to school and guess what…other celebrities are taking turns in donating reasonably to Taju’s education. Surge Zirc also heard that plans are on ground to assist Taju’s father – to see if anything reasonable can be made out of the street joker. Taju has brought his father luck, what more can we say.

AY who’s championing this cause is from all sense the latest philanthropist on the internet. Congratulations!!!

To other Naija celebs…please get involed and do more, Surge Zirc gossiper say so.

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