AY Comedian Should Have Seen Okon Lagos’ Agbada  Before Staging Challenge

AY Comedian Should Have Seen Okon Lagos' Agbada  Before Staging Challenge-Surge Zirc
Imeh Bishop a.k.a Okon Lagos and his beautiful as they celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary/photo credit: Instagram

Comedian AY should be considering re-captioning his Agbada challenge post after Nollywood comic actor Okon Lagos post an extraordinary good looking Agbada outfit on his 5th anniversary.

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Looks like the Agbada outfit will be trending this fall, following recent launch of different styles of Agbada by Nigerian celebrities.

Imeh Bishop popularly called Okon Lagos has obviously stepped up on the Agbada challenge contests… The Merry men crew are invited for a fresh contest. Lol.

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Meanwhile, it was Okon Lagos 5th anniversary and this is what he says:

Okon Lagos

This day, 5 years ago I made a choice of a partner to walk the rest of my life with. It was not to be ALL a rosy and smooth a walk in the park but so far with every inch of a step I make, I look back in satisfaction that I got this right. Thank you Jesus. Thank you my Deputy @mrs_imebishop 🙂🙂 Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

We heart you bro…

Press on and do more cause for laughter, Surge Zirc gossiper say so.

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