Battling With Writing Resume Professionally? Check This

Battling With Writing Resume Professionally? Check This - Surge Zirc
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Writing resume professionally is a hell of a task for most applicants. Your resume is simply aimed at getting you at the door of your job interview. To work successfully you must combine your skill, qualification and experience to the job the employer is trying to fill.

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Writing resume should be concise and only significant skills, knowledge and abilities should be included. Make things easy for business professionals by tailoring your information to the job requirements.

-Start Writing Resume-

Start writing resume with a heading which includes your contact information, name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. List your phone numbers and make sure your e-mail address is business like. Writing resume may not be too necessary since most recent resumes are done online. But in the invent that a prospective employer requires it, then it most be written professionally.

-Objectively speaking-
“I personally don’t feel an objective is that important when writing resume”, says John Lee, Director of College and External Relations for Sodexho in Newark, Delaware. “An objective can be confiding and might even rule you out of consideration”.

Others disagreed, Swartley for instance advised that specific objectives should be used, which should change with each new position applied for, to match the organization and position for which the candidate is applying via writing resume.

However, if a national resume is to be posted on a national job board, then objective may be forgotten, and instead a profile section or summary of strengths should be added to give quick caption at the beginning of the resume.

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Having unlimited job experience can put you ahead of other candidates. Experience also mustn’t be paid jobs: the point is to show the potential employer that you’ve learned the skills necessary to perform the job duties. This fact must be kept in mind when writing resume. 

-Other Categories-
When writing resume, ensure that the resume features other relevant categories such as honors and awards, key or special skills and/competencies, community service, leadership experience in volunteer organization, or participation in sports. “We like to see that an applicant has given back to the community”, says Lee Ann “that could be volunteer work for your college, church or any type of organization which would benefit”.

-What Employees Don’t Want To See-
There are some flaws employers don’t want to see and they must be avoided when writing resume, they include the following:

  • Spelling and grammatical error
  • Incomplete information
  • Sloppy resumes filled with mistakes that easily could have been corrected

Finally, after writing resume, look at it from the employer’s point of view and ask: What impression will the employer have of me and my capabilities after reading my resume?

-Sample of a professional resume-
Street number and name
City, state and Zip code
Email address
Your name
Objective. What do you want to do?

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Work experience. Company name
Street number and name
City, country and postal
Job title
Duties or achievements

Accomplishment. List one or more skills
that you have or
something you have

Activities. List activities in which
You have participated,
Such as sports, church

Reference. Name
Street number and name
City, country and postal
Phone number.

Note: reference can be more than one and ensure that letters are clearly written for clarity.

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