The beauty of African Palm Kernel oil on natural hair growth


Africans have got treasures to cherish.  One of these numerous treasures is Palm Kernel oil. It is widely used in Africa because of its numerous health benefits. Its use varies, depending on one’s quest.

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Its top uses are for a healthy skin (especially used locally to maintain babies’ skin and hair), as well as medical benefits, such as: Curing convulsion and epilepsy attacks, a measure to prevent odour  in children and to make their skin soft and healthy. It is also used to ensure healthy cardiovascular system in adults and children, as well as smoothens the skin. Palm kernel oil is called different names according to tribes and ethnicity:  The Igbos  call it “Ude Aki”,  the Yorubas call it “Adi Dudu” and the Hausas call it “Manlade”.

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The use of Palm Kernel oil in a local African setting has been narrowed down to children’s body and hair maintenance. I have also noticed that young adults are foreign-cream-freak, so much that they wouldn’t want to exchange the beautiful sweet fragrance of their foreign-made cream with that of Palm kernel oil. African ladies, have you given a second thought to that which appeals to you, which some of us (Africans) men and women care about? Our hair!

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It’s impressive to know that an African hair texture can be grown and maintained using Palm Kernel oil since Africans (males and females alike) are freak about long hair. As mentioned earlier, Palm Kernel oil is a beautiful treasure for Africans, when it is extracted locally, it has a dark-brownish colour. How do you get this oil extracted?

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Here:  Get dried palm nuts, break them to get the kernel nuts, put the quantity you want into an empty pot and fry until the nuts begins to produce oil, then extract the oil until the last drop and dispose the remains of the nut. Allow to cool off and it’s ready for use.

Palm Kernel oil has similar composition/properties with coconut oil which is widely known for its health and hair growth benefits. It is super beneficial to the African hair texture.

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It maximally accelerates hair growth, prevents excessive shedding, strengthens the roots of the hair, increases the softness and sheen of the hair, prevents hair breakages and treats the scalp.

What are you waiting for? Move it!

Do not be discouraged by its unpopularity as it affects hair growth. Tell someone to tell someone. Grow your hair to a length of your choice with that treasure that is right in your backyard–Palm nut.

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