Bobrisky’s Influence On Younger Generation Rather Worrisome

Bobrisky's Influence On Younger Generation Rather Worrisome - Surge Zirc
Nigerian cross dresser ans self acclaimed ‘most controversial person in Africa/Photo credit: Instagram

The Nigerian infamous cross dresser and a perceived gay Bobrisky has bragged being the number one most controversial soul in Africa. Worrisome!

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The status which the male/female personality intentionally worked to attain for the purposes of influence and relevance may have worked positively for him as he is always in the news but may have a greater negative influence on the younger generation.

Following the level of attention Bobrisky gets on Instagram, most younger guys who dearly seek to attain stardom may begin to consider what Bobrisky is doing.

The cross dresser published a photo of a fan with a placard written ”Bobrisky we love you”… like seriously!

Next Surge Zirc went through some account of those that commented positively on the post and discover that some followers are using Bobrisky’s photo as their profile photo.

Being controversial positively is a welcome development, but being controversial promoting immorality is a killer to our society and to the younger generation” Mac, Velly told Surge Zirc on a social media interview.

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So much love is being showered on Bobrisky, but one fact is still a mystery, which is…which of Bobrisky’s personality are people loving?

The so much advertised fake woman in him, the worked so hard to hide man in him or the same-sex personality? Surge Zirc Gossiper asked so

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