Bravo! Nigeria Impressively Bags 24 Medals As The Commonwealth Games Come To An End

Team Nigeria ends the 2018 commonwealth games with 24 medals/
Nigeria can be said to have relatively performed well in the just concluded Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast, Australia with her medals summing up to 24 after her last game. Her last match was against Singapore in the Table tennis finals, with Nigeria’s Aruna Quandri yielding in a defeat to Singapore’s Gao Ning and keeping for himself a silver medal.

On the medals table, Nigeria is ranked 9th after Aruna claimed his silver medal, cumulatively giving the country 24 medals throughout the Games. The breakdown of the medals is; nine gold, nine silver and nine bronze medals respectively.

The minister for Sports, Solomon Dalung, was particularly impressed with the turnout of events and the improvement of the athletes that competed in the Commonwealth Games and the results they brought home.

He gave an analysis while speaking to the contingent on Sunday. He said: “We have done a comparative analysis and looked at the size of our contingent when we went to Glasgow.

“How many sports we competed in and how much money was voted? These are the factors which will confirm whether we have done better here or not.

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“From the average knowledge of what I have, we have done better here than what we did in Glasgow.”

From his statements, he believes that the athletes performed better in the just concluded Games in the Gold Coast than they did in Glasglow, Scotland, in 2014 considering the number of athletes featured in both competitions.

He went further to announce that arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the athletes are properly hosted in Nigeria. He gave reasons for the hosting, saying: “This will enable us to interface, interact, cross pollinate ideas and enjoy ourselves. I don’t want us to access our success with medals.

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We should assess our success by participation and the way we conducted ourselves during the Games. It is also time to begin to invest in our athletes if we want to do well in sports.”

He shed more light on the topnotch features of the country’s participation and reinforcements put in place to encourage the athletes and boost their confidence in the Games and the country. There was instant reward to medalists at the event’s venue where all the gold medalists got $5000 each, silver medalist $3000 and the bronze medalists got $2000.

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There were other exceptions as the relay teams got $9000 and $7000 for their silver and bronze medals respectively.

This is a clear distinction from the past competitions where settlement for entitlements was mostly an issue as they were either delayed or below the agreed figure, which may sometimes lead to protests from the aggravated athletes.

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