Bukola Saraki Accuses IG Of Police -Ibraham Idris Of Plotting To “Implicate And Frame Him”-Cries Out To His Colleagues!

Bukola Saraki Accuses IG Of Police -Ibraham Idris Of Plotting To “Implicate And Frame Him”-Cries Out To His Colleagues!
Bukola Saraki and Ibraham Idris:photo credit/thewhisler.ng
At the National Assembly plenary on Wednesday, it was gathered that Bukola Saraki, the Senate President told his colleagues his intention to make known to them Ibraham Idris’ plot to “implicate and frame him”. According to Media reports, Saraki has accused the Inspector General of Police (Ibraham Idris) of moving some criminal suspects in Kwara State who are still under interrogation to say things targeted at implicating him.

He told them;

“Last night, my state governor revealed to me an information at his disposal that a group of suspects who have been arrested in our state for cultism, whose investigation has been completed and were about to be under prosecution under the state law on the advice of DPP and the ministry of justice, all of a sudden being ordered to be transferred to Abuja this morning.

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“The information reaching him from the commissioner of police (is) that they have been directed by IGP to bring them to Abuja. With the information that he has, they would find how to alter their statement already made in Ilorin and try and implicate the state government and particularly myself. I felt that as we speak now, these suspects are already here in Abuja.

“These acts I don’t know whether to call it desperation or intimidation. All actions to undermine our democracy (are) a recipe for anarchy because we are doing our work by asking officials to obey the law, due process and subject themselves to constituted authority.

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“I think it is important (we bring) this dangerous development to your attention, country and the international authority of the impunity we are undergoing in this country and the danger to our democracy.”

On the process, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state, raised a point of order, suggesting that the issue be discussed and conclude decisively.

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Meanwhile, Saraki stepped down from command allowing Ike Ekweremadu, his deputy, to preside as advised by Ibn Na’Allah.


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