Celebrity gist: Tonto Dikeh undergo cosmetic surgery due to complex issues



“My body has been something I have always been extremely ashamed of”

Tonto DIkeh/ photo credit:thenet.ng

The mother of one who separated from her husband earlier this year decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery in order to reshape her boobs and butt. In a video clip of her new TV reality show, Tonto Dikeh is seen naked with surgeons who are trying to examine her body in order to perform a surgical transformation of her boobs and butt.


In Tonto’s words: “My body has been something I have always been extremely ashamed of”  she said in a video she shared on social media. Guess this insecurity came up after she had given birth to her son.

Tonto Dikeh/ photo credit:peacebenwilliams.com

Meanwhile, her new reality show will soon to be air in 2018 and she titled it “king Tonto”. This TV show is collaborated with Linda Ikeji TV.

Tonto DIkeh/ photo credit: informationng.com

It is also said that the surgical aspect will be included in this reality show, and as you know, Nigerians and her fans have displayed their disappointment on this revelation. According to bamy00 on Nairaland “It’s obvious her body is all she has, why wouldn’t she be so obsessed with it” and others show their disappointment by asking how many children she has given birth to, for her to undergo such a surgery.

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However, a large number of Nigerians cannot wait for this TV show to come on air “please when will this show come on air… this will be my first time in willing to watch a Nigerian movie” it’s Tutsi on Nairaland.

There are also some of her colleagues who praises her for such a bold step,such as Mercy Johnson who wrote on Instagram. “Some women fear the fire while some women simply become the fire… Mama King”.

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Also the cross dresser, Bobrisky had promise to lash anyone who dares criticize Tonto Dikeh; he said he is ready to fight for Mama King.

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