Clear Distinction Between Jonathan Govt. And Buhari Govt. – Reno

Reno Omokri/Photo credit: Instagram

Reno Omokri may be seen as one of the major critics of the Buhari led administration, but in his latest post published on Instagram, he assembled the current profile of the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s past government team and the saga of the Buhari led administration team.

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renoomokriEx President Jonathan’s former health minister is now a Professor at America’s Duke University. His former agriculture minister is now the President of the African Development Bank. His former finance minister sits on the board of Twitter, Gavi, Lazard and the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank.

His communications minister is now the Chairperson of the global Alliance for Affordable Internet. All this is happening while President Buhari and his finance minister are still looking for their certificates!

Next, Reno fetched a video interview of a Nigerian on CNN that should be seen as a discredit for Nigeria following the analysis of the present governmental activities in Nigeria.

…and this is what he said, see video below

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Just negodu how the Buhari administration made a fool of itself on CNN to the whole world! Now are you still surprised that Buhari is still looking for his certificates? If you can’t find your certificates, how can you find good talents?

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