Comedian ‘I Go Die’ Reacts To Linda Ikeji’s Pregnancy Before Marriage

Comedian 'I Go Die' React To Linda Ikeji's Pregnancy Before Marriage - Surge Zirc
The pregnant blogger Linda Ikeji and Comedian I Go Die/ Photo credit Instagram

Comedian I Go Die has reacted to Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy outside wedlock and this is what he said on his Instagram page:


”Absolute freedom of choice,is divinely personal I have often imagined why we chose to ask,gossip,criticise or mock those that have taken their God given freedom to define what is their way to find happiness?

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”Irrespective of what you know,honestly speaking ,you know nothing about this game called life.Never expect the usual script or routine of how things should or ought to be done to remain constant,guided by the senses of your imagination or knowledge of what is admissible in your ideal society or mind set.

”Life has evolved,we can attest to that fact from the recent ROYAL wedding,where a black evangelist quoted martin Luther king in the present of the highest Queen and kingdom in the world.So why do we expect the old ways to be correct?

”It’s a new dynamic world,where the great minds have challenged social limitations of real happiness,and have recreated their world to suit what they want.
Let’s celebrate those that are married, even when it doesn’t work,lets celebrate them,when they have kids in wedlock or outside wedlock ,because nobody can play God,let no one become so foolish to lean on his or her understanding.

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”Child bearing is sweet, if you have gotten to that age,and you are not married yet,you can gladly have a child ,so you don’t deny yourself everything,it’s just a choice,but that son or daughter shall eventually bring forth that ROYAL honour to your life some day and those who chose not to give birth or marry like the nun’s, they have the right to stay happy that way,while the rest of us, who struggle to define what is perfect,shall continue to have headache and depression trying to solve a puzzle that we gave to ourselves,questioning other people’s happiness.

”It’s all good at the end, and most importantly,i pray for those that needs the fruit of the womb to receive this fulfillment and the grace to stay happy at all times,because the game of life is deep,it’s a misery that gives happiness to the weak in understanding ,while pain to the strong and self acclaimed… I know it it all. Nobody knows nothing,it worked doesn’t it mean we were too good,it was just an unmerited grace.”

We understand I Go Die’s position but then, can civilization be a justification for pregnancy outside marriage? Let’s get more views from Surge Zirc readers.

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