24 Hot Comments On Instagram After Rudeboy’s Birthday Message To MR P’s Son

Rudeboy has demonstrated love by wishing his twin brother's son Cameron a happy birthday

24 Hot Comments On Instagram After Rudeboy's Birthday Message To MR P's Son- Surge Zirc
Peter Okoye’s son, Cameroon celebrating his 10th birthday/ photo credit: Instagram

Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy has demonstrated love by wishing his twin brother’s son Cameron a happy birthday. The message which was shared on Instagram has generated lots of comments following the fact that Peter also known as Mr. P didn’t share a birthday message with Rudeboy months back when he celebrated his twins Nathan and Nadia’s birthday.

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Surge Zirc recently published a message from one of Nigerian pioneer musicians, Daddy Showkey who released a video clip that contains a message why the twin singers should reunite and promote the group ‘Psquare’.

Could Daddy Showkey’s message be the motivating factor why Rudeboy shared the birthday message? We aren’t sure yet. Let’s feel Rudeboy’s birthday message to Mr. P’s son Cameron, then the people’s comments.

rudeboy psquare Happy massive 10th birthday to Cameron Okoye. May God bless your new age. #futurestar#footballer #family.

…people’s reactions:

  1. onychine Certainly a matured move, there must be an old man behind the scene advising you. I’m not picking any side though, Peter hasn’t managed the scandal as good as this. He probably does not have any old man advising him behind d scene.

2. larrywhite2008 Chai! I’m touched, God bless you richly my brother for this show of maturity. I love you so much bro. You’re amazingly mature. God bless you rudeboy psquare

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3. nancylongdi Happy birthday Cameron. Age with Grace and favour. And more so, you are so lucky to have such an amazing uncle like rudeboy psquare

4 abaheneojo You just made my day and that is what maturity is all about… Happy Birthday son.

5. mykellyj A senior always be a senior king Rudeboy you do well. I’m die-hard of Psquare fan till today.

6. blessiangel My music king thanks for wishing your brother’s kid a happy birthday, may God use you to bring unity to your family.

7. q.minat Peter has always been the immature one. Mr P my foot.

8. empireoflagos I don’t know what I can give to you bro, rudeboy psquare but take the blessings of thy lord.

9. preciousgirl44 God in his infinity mercy will make you guys come together back. I like your pairing not your separation…@peterpsquare and rudeboy psquare

10. ability_money_Lolz! Rudboy don’t worry yourself we are smart, don’t play game here, anyway, happy birthday to you starboy.

11, ezehanthony Thank you so so much for keeping the past behind my bros…shalom to you..and shalom to Cameron’s new age.

12. officialodince Nice one Rudeboy.. Let love lead…one day Rudeboy will feature Mr. P..#rudeboy ft Mr P… You deserve to be blessed.. Send me your account number.

13. frank42007 He posted it because Daddy Showkey has been lamenting on how the issue they are having is going to affect there children.

14. obaino_vax@rudeboy psquare For this post I respect you more boss. Happy Birthday to @cameronokoye10

15. yemieconway@officialdimsonceec Social media is the source of the problem we all having now. So if you don’t come on social media to greet someone now means you don’t like the person or you don’t wish the person well. Did you know if he called or send them text message to wish the twin happy birthday? So because he did not post it on social media for you people to see now means his bad. Nigerians and wahala! At least his wife Lola did on social media, if Mr. P did not. They are doing fine, mind your business… how I wish they can cancel social media, because it’s misleading a lot of people and causing too many wahala.

16. aj_one_I know that God Almighty who brought them together to this earth, the same God will make them come together again. I have been praying to God Almighty. I love both of them because I love Psquare no matter what happened before. Old things shall pass away by 2019. They are coming together as one in Jesus name. Amen. One love my people, one love Nigerians

17. lindamachalo@officialdimsonceec Neither is better than the other. You all don’t know everything that’s happening among them. Paul deleted Aliona’s birthday post the day after. People didn’t see that, but people only saw Peter not post. Truth is they are not living their whole lives on social media, so fans don’t know everything about them and they are not in position to judge them on their family matter!

18. taijuwa Thanks Rudeboy, now I know that the social media is the one putting fuel in the fire. The fight is no more, family bond, blood is thicker than water.

19. rennyluvs God bless you Rudeboy. Family is family am so happy you did this Na Man you be. You get wisdom shall you be Solomon? You wise, sharp man. You got a big heart. Your parents wherever they are must be very proud of you . Please salute Anita for me, na better wife you marry. God bless your household.

20. sexzyoti@terlumunagbe Are you Mad? You dey craze? I just said the obvious and you’re typing shiii… So its my one comment that would separate Psquare? Or you’re smoking something stronger than you. I just admired what he did, What’s wrong with that? You’re even the one that is causing problems now. Get out of here, hypocrite. Na you buy my data? Just come here again.

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21. eurosia_silver Happy birthday to your Nephew, This shows you are d senior. I understand your brother Mr. P, he’s not with his real sense but one day he will come back to his senses, may it never be late by then.

22. terlumunagbe@lilyguzell Wow! This is very sensitive of you! I love your reaction to something that could amplify any situation by every means…People shouldn’t be fighting the family of Okoye, meaning they’re showing their concern better for either Mr.P or Rudeboy…Pray for them to be happy with one another and nothing more!

23. chocolaterose23 This shows you are brave and matured rudeboy psquare nice one …but please try and resolve this thing between you both. I love Psquare and not Rudeboy or Mr. P. Much love from this side dear.

24. ntegrity88official Many of una go just come here dey run una mouths, d thing between rudeboy psquare and @peterpsquare u can’t understand! They really hurt each other and needed to heal before coming together again! I see them featuring each other in that way, we still have our Psquare back but on different account. Time shall do Justice!

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