Commercial Cab Driver Killed By Police Over N100

Commercial Cab Driver Killed By Police Over N100 -
Nigerian Police logo/ Photo credit: Nigerian finder
It is a common parlance that ‘The police are your friend,’ but in reality, we witness high level of nonchalant attitudes from the police that is supposed to protect our lives and properties.

Before now, police checkpoints were banned in Nigeria by the IGP Ibrahim Idris.

He ordered the dismantling of all roadblocks nationwide due to the masses complaints of Police harassment which include asking money from drivers. Still, several illegal checkpoints abound. The police would rather claim that the supposed checkpoints are not checkpoints but ‘stop and search.’

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The event of police taking bribes from drivers at checkpoints has caused lots of avoidable deaths as Nigerians has witnessed police killing people shamelessly for a little amount of money sometimes N50 or N100 as the case may be.

Today 6th Feb, a commercial cab driver was reportedly pushed by a police officer along third east circular road by Igun junction, Benin City for refusing to give him a bribe N100.

The policeman pushed the driver into the road and he was smashed by a moving trailer.

From information gathered, the deceased is supposed to be wedded this forthcoming Saturday.

polive van burnt by angry youths
Police van / Photo credit:

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It was reported that one police officer was killed and police vans set ablaze by angry youths at Upper Igun, third east environs.


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