Controversy: Ladies refutes being used and dumped by Men

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Some years back in Nigeria, I hear people especially guys bluffing about how they use and dump ladies, but nowadays it seems the table has turned or the minds of our young girls have been emancipated and no longer agree to being used and dumped; young guys on the other hand no longer believe they are using ladies.

From the interview carried out on the streets, it proves that people (both male and female) no longer agree that guys are using ladies but that both sexes can use themselves. Read interview below.

Mercy said: “Actually gone are those days where girls say ah this guy has used me oh! Between the guy and the girl no one is using anyone, in my own view; I feel whatever a guy is gaining in a relationship the girl is also gaining. When it comes to the sexual aspect if a guy is getting intimacy in the relationship the girl is also benefitting, so I don’t think in this case that anyone is using anybody.”

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Meg said: “As e be now nobody dey look all this our African mentality again, girls dey dump guys now and boys dey dump girls too. Gone are those days when if girl pass, guys go gather they say ah this gal is cheap, I used her, I slept with her. I have seen a case where a girl came out and was like ‘ah you self you dey follow talk? You wey I f*ck till u nearly faint, you no go tell them say you no get strength, and I left you because you can’t perform’. That old pride of African men that make them think that they use ladies and dump them is no longer there.

Also Cedric said: “It’s a two way thing sha, guys dump ladies and ladies dump guys, and there is nothing special about it, and it’s a win-win thing. In terms of business, who gains more is the lady; because she gets the money. You meet a girl and you take her out for shopping, to eateries, you buy her clothes and shoes and at the end of the day you go in for a…… and if you are able, go for a ten minutes pleasure, after the ten minutes pleasure you leave and then claim you used her, How? How much did you spend and how long did it take you to get that money you spent on her within that short period you spent with her, the so-called pleasure you got she also got it. Now she is a better business person.

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“First of all I don’t believe guys think they are using ladies, but if there is anything like that I believe it’s a two way thing, there are guys that probably ehm pride themselves in using ladies, and there are ladies that take pleasure in using guys. These guys are probably womanizers and the ladies manizers (laughs). What the guys are doing, there are ladies that do the same thing, so I won’t believe that guys do it more. I believe it’s a two way thing”. Sam says


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