Corp Member divorces Husband, Refunds N80,000 Dowry


The marriage between Rukayat Ahmed, a 27-years-old NYSC member and her husband Mr. Alkasim Ahmed was on Thursday dissolved on the order of a Jos Upper Area Court.


Rukayat, a resident of Jos, filed a petition against the husband, seeking the court to dissolve the marriage on the grounds that she was no more in love with Alkasim. During the hearing, she however argued that such separation was permissible in Islamic law, according to her; “if the partners are no more in love and therefore unwilling to live together.”

Mr. Alkasim, the husband did not object to Rukayat’s demand when the case was mentioned on May 25 and at the resumption of hearing on the matter on Thursday, Yahaya Ahmed, the Judge, endorsed the separation of the couple and ordered the petitioner to refund the N80,000 paid as dowry by her husband, as applicable in Islamic law. Rukayat promptly paid the money and walked away a free woman.

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