Could Chadwick And Lupita Nyongo Of Black Panther Be Dating?

Could Chadwick And Lupita Nyongo Of Black Panther Be Dating -
Chadwick and Lupita Nyongo of Black Panter pose in a romantic photo shoot/ Photo credit: Lupita Nyongo

Wow! These celebs look absolutely stunning together, but most amazing is the black skin they rep.

Chadwick and Lupita Nyongo are two black skin celebrities that have made the African nation so proud with their recent performance in Black Panther, a masterpiece kind of movie that’s rocking the world currently. We’ve no doubt that Lupita Nyongo is a world class talent after we saw her debut movie ’12 years a Slave’ where she stared alongside ‘Chiwetel Ejiofor’ and a host of other world bests.

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Recall that ’12 Years a Slave’ brought Lupita Nyongo lots of awards and recognition.

Now, after the release of ‘Black Panther’, Lupita Nyongo and Chadwick have been seen together almost always. Moreover, the ‘good-together’ picture that Lupita Nyongo recently shared on social media has become highly controversial, more so when you consider the write-up she posted with the picture.

Chadwick and Lupita Nyongo together/ Photo credit: Instagram

We got absolutely confused when we stumbled on this picture and read the post below, ”When your prom date is literally the king”? Are they really dating or not? But if not, what is the meaning of that statement? We also captured fans comment accordingly:

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Aww! Fans are planning ahead of them, calling for coco babies and all of that. Just Pause! Did you notice the bracelet they both wore? The same right? We need to know what’s really up with this two.

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Stay glued to ‘Surge Gossiper’s category’ on this site, while we get across to Lupita Nyongo and Chadwick to tell us the real gist that should make round. Surge Gossiper say so.



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