Why You Should Create A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

Why You Should Create A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business - Surge Zirc
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Disaster recovery plan is a must do for businesses. Nobody wants to discuss the possibility of disaster hitting a new business or an old one. The truth is that whether we talk about it or not, or may just happen.

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Therefore, creating a disaster recovery plan is more necessary than ever. The disaster mustn’t necessarily be a hurting experience from tornado, hurricane even earthquake, but a fallen petrol tanker or z minor Kitchen mistake can trigger fire that can temporarily wipe off your business from existence.

Disaster recovery plan is something big companies do by putting together committees and consultants to deal with such issue when they occur. Hence it becomes most necessary that smaller business should recognize the need for creating disaster recovery plan.

According to Judy Bell, a recovery consultant in Port Hueneme, California, Professionals like Chief financial officers and major company auditors struggles to create disaster recovery plan.

For an instant, people who’re into real estate business are seeking to develop disaster recovery plan by asking other builders if they can partner.

It is true that insurance companies deals with providing assistant to people after such loss, but most insurance companies are urging companies and businesses to create disaster recovery plan.

If you own a business, then follow the plan below on how you might develop your disaster recovery plan yourself, hence there are manuals and software that could help the exercise.

Through survival planning network, Inc.669 Pacific cover Dr. Port Hueneme, CA 93041;800-601-4899.

Meanwhile, here are questions you could source answers to help you create a disaster recovery plan.

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  • Where would you work next if you weren’t working in the office?
  • Would you, accept to share office space with another business if you don’t have your current office?
  • If what you would do now to reach your client is no longer possible how would you reach them?
  • How much of your customer/clients phone number, home and office address do you have?
  • Have you considered having your clients/customers contact list at someone’s home?
  • Have you split your invoice and accounts receivable and kept a copy somewhere other than at the office?
  • Have you backed up all your important business records and save them offsite?
  • Do you have same important records at home and at other safe places?

Some of the important business document that needs to be backed up includes and not limited to returns,tax records, patents, training materials, company policy manuals,personal private records and the business checks for payroll.

Some business people gather all of the documents above including Insurance policy documents, current insurance contact person’s phone number plus insurance policy number and hand it over to one or two trusted employees for safe keeps.

It’s also a nice step to keep a list of your office equipment, then consider making a list of your office computer serial numbers.

so they can be replaced when they go bad or are stolen.

Because we do not have a clue to when a disaster will strike, it becomes more demanding that we profer solution in respect of exiting the office building safely if disaster strikes.

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Precautionary measures like installing a fire extinguishers and scheduling fire drill and assigning people to work as safety monitors will be helpful.

As you create disaster recovery plan, you may also consider speaking to your insurance agent to buy a business interruption insurance plan.

This plans are quite available and would help your business run smoother and stronger even when you experience a major set back instead of quenching completely after any challenge.

It is almost common to neglect creating the disaster recovery plan when the business is still running smoothly people tend to believe that disaster will never strike.

Most make the most common excuses of not operating the business at locations that often experience land slide disasters like the ones mentioned earlier in this article.

That’s why we pointed out that it mustn’t be earthquake and tornado, it could be petty robbers breaking into the office and making away with some of the major document that we have advised you keep off the office premises.

This will save your business when you least expect it.

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