Daddy Showkey Set To Reunite Peter And Paul Of P/Square

Daddy Showkey, middle Peter left and paul right/ Photo credit: Instagram

Aw! Nigerian singer Daddy Showkey is set to reunite Peter and Paul of the defunct Psqurae group after he allegedly featured them in a music in his dream. Daddy in the ealy hours of Thursday shared a video on Instagram, where he begged Peter and Paul to come back together and make the famous name ‘P/square’ fly again.

In his video clip, Daddy Showkey discouraged the idea of working separately, whether successful or not. He also called on the general public to help talk the twins into reuniting.

The ”fire, fire, in, country” crooner Daddy Showkey said he will make sure P/square stands again.

daddyshowkey This Na weytin happen True! True!! For My Dream, Na him I say make I tell una, Na I see for my Dream True.

An Instagram user’s comment under Daddy Showkey’s post really show that the division among Peter and Paul really hurts most of their fans:

son__of__grace Every day I cry and wonder what could have hurt them this much that they can not love each other again. Put the pride away and walk up to your brother and call him for uniting, who ever among you. Forget the fact that you may see it that you are excelling in your career but, a stick of broom is easy to break but, a bunch of broom is difficult to break. Thanks.

While another Instagram user by the ID temrachcreation submitted even with a bible quotation, lol…

temrachcreation Showkey baba God will help and use you to bring them back together In Jesus Name(Matthew 5:9 )Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God you shall make heaven In Jesus Name.

Just a quick one, some fans says P/squares elder brother, Jude Okoye; ‘Engees’ is the problem and should be helped to learn to leave them alone:

toothdecaylaugh_@daddyshowkey of course this twins @peterspsquare@rudeboypsquare love each other. it is their brother @judeengees that is the problem. He should leave the twins alone to do their stuff. Must he be their manager. He keeps insisting on managing them, supporting one against the other. It is very bad. I think Peter and Paul will do well without Jude getting involved.

What do you all think, are they better-off separately, should Daddy Showkey go all ahead and reunite them? Let’s get your view quickly.

Meanwhile, Daddy Showkey so far is highly celebrated for bringing up this initiative. But we aren’t sure if Peter and Paul will give in to this idea. For now let’s keep our fingers crossed  until they both react.

…for the records, we just may have our P/square brothers back, Surge Zirc gossiper say so!

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