Daler-Mehndi -India Singer Convicted For Smuggling Migrants

Daler-Mehndi:photo credit/fanpop.com
Daler-Mendi-An India Pop Star has been convicted for smuggling migrants abroad and as such, sentenced to two years in prison.  According to report, Mehndi and six others were accused in 2003 of fraudulently taking huge amount of money from  people, falsely promising to take them to Western countries.

Daler-Mehndi was convicted on Friday 16th March, 2018 in the northern state of Punjab, but was released afterwards as soon as he was granted a bail.

He is said to be one of the most famous Punjabi singers of the 1990s and early 2000s with a good following abroad.

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Daler-Mehndi, who had sang in various Bollywood films, is most popular for his music videos in Bhangra Pop, (a bouncy electronic genre inspired by the traditional dance tunes of Punjab).

Daler Mehndi
Daler Mehndi:photo credit/pro.imd

According to reports, he had been accused of taking at least 10 migrants, disguised as dancers in his ensemble, to the United States and returned without them In 1998 and 1999.

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About 35 people reportedly ascertained their claims after police in Punjab registered a case against him, accusing him of fraudulent acts. They attested to the fact that Daler-Mehndi had taken money from them in the guise of helping them travel abroad but had failed them on the long run.

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Meanwhile, Mehndi said he will appeal the conviction in a higher court.

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