Davido’s NYSC Pictures Hit The Internet, Reason For Service Reveals

Davido's NYSC Pictures Hits The Internet, Reason For Service Revealed
Davido’s NYSC pictures hits the Internet/ photo credit:Instagram

Davido’s NYSC news hits the Internet.

Nigerian musician David Adeleke presumed the richest corp member, Nigeria has ever produced.

The singer and a private jet owner, who also own fleets of expensive cars, flashed a picture of himself wearing the ‘National Youth Service Corp’ (NYSC) uniform on Instagram.

After the singer has been rumored to have dropped out of higher institution in Babcock University, in pursuance to his music career, where he has undoubtedly made tremendous achievements.

University education or not Davido is successful.

OBO as he’s widely known is one of Nigeria’s most sought musicians.

He flies around the world for shows, signs deals from corporate to industrial organizations, which has brought him many awards, both local and international.

Not too long after Davido was spotted with Governor Wike of Rivers State, in Port Harcourt government house, he flashed pictures of himself in NYSC uniform, with the caption “tighting all nuts”.

Speculations are that, the singer plans a delve into Nigeria politics. Knowing that without an NYSC certificate his political career would be the case of Femi Adesina. Lol.

Meanwhile, Davido’s NYSC pictures hits the Internet as a shock, raising lots of comments from fans.

Looking at Davido’s NYSC pictures, a fan concluded that Davido is undoubtably the richest NYSC member Nigeria has ever produced.

Same Davido’s NYSC pictures stirred up conclusion from fans who said, Davido will not be needing the N19,800 benefit that is paid to corp members as monthly allowance.

While fans continue to comment, some persons claim that Davido’s NYSC pictures revealed abuse of the Khaki uniform.

This was after seeing that the musician and A-list Nigerian singer folded the hand sleeves and the trousers of the service uniform.

Still on the reactions on the Davido’s NYSC pictures, some Nigerians has expressed dissatisfaction over Davido’s influence on his girlfriend, Chioma, who has dropped out of school following showers of money from young mr. Adeleke.

“Now Davido’s NYSC pictures are released, after he has deceived Chioma into dropping out of school” an Instagram user commented.

We would not skip the part, where a few persons says that the one year service for Davido is useless.

Davido’s NYSC pictures coming out now is absolutely useless, not after he has made so much money. He and Nigeria who will pay each other?” Philip an Instagram user stated.

Davido’s NYSC pictures is trending but y’all know that he’s a potential ghost corp member. Lol, that was from one of Davido’s fans.

Funny enough, that sounds like truth. Will Davido dedicate all one year to the service? I pray!

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