Decay in the Student Union Government on campus

student union logo/ Photo credit: futminnasug

The Student Union Government (S.U.G) is a Union formed to promote and defend the welfare needs of the student’s community in Nigerian Tertiary Education system.

They engage Government and the authorities of Institutions through dialogue on certain policies and to provide certain minimum services that will promote sustained environment for academic interactions.

The student union serves as the middle man between the school authorities and the student; they also give constructive criticism as regards the rules and regulation constantly formulated in the school.

Student unionism today is the opposite of what it used to be some decades back. This can be attributed to the socio-economic and political system in the larger society that has found its way into our education system.

There’s gross loss of confidence in the Student Union Government.

A Facebook user named Sofido Reacts, has used the Facebook platform to air his views on the decay in the Student Union Government.

“Students Unionism! Students union is a pressure group that promotes the interest of students and students alone. I want to expediently say that the task of being part of the leadership of a Student Union progresses geometrically on daily basis, and this is not unconnected to the fact that there is an increasing urge for school authorities to control the leadership of any student union body at any level within the confines of the University campus, as a radical political scientist who wholeheartedly subscribed to the realist school of thought and a core worshipper in the Machiavellian tempt, I want to say that any student who is not ready to be expelled or forego his or her certificate should forget about being part of the leadership of a Student Union.

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More so, students who are gullible and susceptible should do well to concentrate on their studies and forget about campus politics. The campus politics of this day is something that is worth shedding tears for as students go there trying to better their lives and education whereas reverse is supposed to be the case.

Well, students are weak and the spirit of aluta is dead because the student leaders who are supposed to be in constant logger heads with the school managements now end up seeing fellow students as the enemy when they raise issues contrary to the will of the school management, It’s worth laughing that the student union leaders now protect the interest of the school management before the students instead of protecting the interest of the students before the school management.

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Can anything be done to remedy this situation students find themselves in? Is anybody willing to sacrifice his own certificate for other students to gain theirs? If the answer to the latter question is No then you just said that there is little or nothing to be done about the situation.

Should students resign to faith? That ofcourse should be the last option if truly it’s an option. This is the predicament of Nigerian students” Sofido says.

The Students Unionism in Nigeria needs Re-branding.



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