Diamond-Trimmed Stilettos Go On Sale For $17M In Dubai

Diamond-Trimmed Stilettos Go On Sale For $17M In Dubai- Surge Zirc
A pair of shoes worth $17 million goes on display at Burj Al Arab in Dubai on September 26, 2018/ Photo credit: AFP

Gold, silk and hundreds of diamonds: a Dubai-based shoemaker has debuted what it says is the world’s most expensive pair of Stilettos — with a whopping $17 million price tag.

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At a time when some major fashion houses around the world are struggling to sell their high-end clothes, Jada Dubai, a design house with a modest social media following, on Wednesday unveiled a pair of gold patent leather stilettos trimmed with a row of sparkling diamonds.

Each Stilettos features a crowning jewel: a round, 15 carat flawless D-diamond near the pointed toe.

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“Dubai is the city of millionaires and billionaires… we see it as a potential market, along with the entire (Gulf) region,” said Hemant Karamchandani, chief executive of Passion Jewellers, which supplied the jewels.

The one-of-a-kind shoes are a European size 36 (US 5.5, UK 3.5) and can be custom-made to the client’s size — after he or she pays full retail price.

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Dubai, a hub for Gulf fashion and home to the biannual Arab Fashion Week, has seen a growing number of tourists over the last few years, with more than 16 million people visiting the emirate last year.

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