Just Discovered Nigerians Are Very Poor – Bobrisky

'You are too beautiful/handsome to go to HELL



Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky/Photo credit: Instagram

Controversial internet personality and No 1 Nigeria cross-dresser Bobrisky has attributed hate speech littered on his social media platforms as a result of an alarming poverty and pain rocking the nation.

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”I just understand more what life is all about yesterday.” Said Bobrisky.

That means that Bob. has been floating on life affairs all the while and has only realized real life facts. But could Bobrisky’s claim be true?

Is his activities as a cross-dresser and alleged gay not bad enough to bring even more hate speech to the infamous Instagram celebrity?

We aren’t sure Nigeria’s economy has anything to do with the reactions Bobrisky gets at back-end.


”I got to understand more what life is all about yesterday. Any hate comments you received from your friends or people generally let learn how to help them. This people need help because Nigeria as a whole is going through a lot, no money, no employment, no light, no food. So the little one like me and you that were able to conquer poverty people hate us because we are doing well. I stopped blocking people from hate comments because I finally noticed this people are in pain they need attention and love.”

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Now, if blocking followers ain’t controlling the hate speech against Bobrisky, we advice Bob to cease being a man and a woman at the same time, maybe some love will be shown to him.

…we got just one comment from Bobrisky’s followers on Instagram:


”You are too beautiful/handsome to go to HELL. Surrender your Life to JESUS CHRIST now because the coming of the Son of God is at hand. Be WISE my dear.”

That was Bobrisky on Surge Zirc Gossiper’s spotlight….bravo!

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