Dorrie Jacobson: Oldest ”Lingerie” Model Globally

Dorrie Jacobson
Dorrie Jacobson – The oldest lingerie model globally/photo credit: NEW YORK POST
Dorrie Jacobson, a former Playboy bunny is shedding her clothes to prove that aging can be sexy — even at 83. This former Playmate, who was a bunny in Chicago and New York in the 1960s, recently shared photos of herself wearing her iconic costume.

She’s now a great-grandmother, but poses fetchingly in black lingerie and other figure-hugging undergarments on her Instagram – Senior Style Bible, which has more than 26,000 followers..

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According to the old model, “I wanted to do something to combat ageism. I didn’t see older women being represented,” Jacobson, now based in Las Vegas, tells Caters News Agency. “It also makes me feel self-confident.”

However, the feedback she’s received for her body-positive photos has been positive.  Jacobson also says she plans to model for the rest of her life.

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One of the Instagram users wrote, “[Y]ou are the embodiment of powerful women,”

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Finally she re-assures older women, “We do not have an expiration date,” she says. “I have always reinvented myself over the years. It keeps me young.”

Adapted From: NEW YORK POST

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