Do’s And Don’ts Of Contemporary Living That Needs Your Urgent Attention

Do's And Don'ts Of Contemporary Living That Needs Your Urgent Attention- Surge Zirc
A young lady learning the do’s and dont’s of contemporary living/ photo credit: the independent

Living acceptable life in a contemporary world requires you ‘just’ know much. We’re tired of seeing people live timidly, and then make people around them who knows much feel the shock.

There are common mistakes people make everyday in public places and over the phone and while sending emails that need auto attention. Sam Zewas pointed out in his book ‘Guide Your Growth And Success’.

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Some of them are listed as follows:

  1. I think sending people outside to smoke at a dinner party is pretty ghastly and so is chain smoking in someone else’s house.

2. Guests bringing their own guests to dinner is very common today, but now the guests of guests are bringing their own guests. Please it has got out of hand and something has to be done about it.

3. What do you think about guests cancelling invitations at the 11th hour? This is annoying. Don’t accept invitations to dinner parties that you know you won’t attend.

4. Don’t go to dinner parties two hours late, claiming you had to stop by to see a friend or traffic jam kept you. A half-empty table ruins a dinner.

5. Do you know how wrong it is to arrive at a dinner with your own camera crew without informing the owner of the house? So is taking pictures of the interiors of people’s houses without asking the host of the dinner party.

6. Competing over who knows the best alternative is a modern day malady. Why do people feel too big?

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7. People desire to relate their own story when you’re telling them how good your acquisition is. They interrupt you mid sentence to insist that their own is the best.

8. Please when did “I don’t like” turn into “I’m allergic to”? One would think all these people still had their nannies standing over them pointing at a plate of breast food they hadn’t eaten. Once you are an adult you can eat what you like and leave what you don’t, there’s no need to talk about it.

9. The group text message to all your friends saying “Hi sweetie, are you out tonight”? To see whose plans are worth crashing?

10. Aren’t you fed up with being telephoned by people who are in the middle of doing something else? They say hello to you, then say hello to they’ve just bumped into, or even worse, start whispering instructions to a third party, like a shop assistant, before finally saying, “sorry babe, can I call you back later”? No please don’t call!

11. All communications with third parties ideally should take place in private and not at dinner.

12. Phones, IPods and Blackberries should be kept out of sight and turned off, certainly not chucked on the table for all to view and hear. And don’t pretend to turn off the phone, actually do it.

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13. Don’t ever think that being late for dinner is fine. Use your mobile phone to call the host before you’re five minutes late.

14. There’s absolutely no need to discuss your travel arrangement with anybody other than your PA or your travel agent. So avoid boasting about having a gold card or extensive Air miles, or the pros and cons of various club lounges, or turning left on aero planes; you don’t catch people discussing their secret matters at dinner parties.

15. When replying to a group email, please do not hit “reply all” “All” are not interested.

16. When sending a group email, be sensitive about whose private emails you are making public and “BCC”. Not to mention the fact that it’s really lame form of name-dropping.

17. If you do get an email with an open list of email addresses, do not add the list to your database for cold emailing later.

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18. Formality is still necessary, please when writing to someone for the first time by email; it is not appropriate to open the mail with “Hi” or end it with kisses or litter it with smiley faces. It must also be grammatically correct. When email becomes a form of quick correspondence, rather than letter-form, at this point “Hi” and kisses are fire.

19. It is dangerous and unwise to be too emotional or personal in an email; you never know to whom it is going to be forwarded to, your boss, ex-boyfriend or a national newspaper.

20. And finally, I think we’ve over grown chain emails.


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