Dwayne Johnson Mocks Kelvin Hart’s Height In A Jocular Interview


Dwayne Johnson saying Kelvin Hart is his best friend is no news anymore, what cracks here is the episode that led to the tight friendship between Kelvin Hart the Hollywood comic star and the stunt lord Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

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Dwayne Johnson has just revealed what really transpired at the genesis of the story and trust me…Kelvin Hart was no match for the shoot-up, but ‘Dwayne’ got involved and Kelvin matched up fast.

Sounds like meeting a true friend is all helpful in one’s life, Dwayne Johnson extension of brotherly to Kelvin no doubt bated their healthy friendship. Think this is pretty cool? Then show some love to a brother whether known or unknown.

Direct from Dwayne Johnson, read on…

therock ”That time when I first met my best friend @kevinhart4real and unfortunately, he didn’t reach the height requirements to ride the roller coaster at an amusement park.
Even when doing press for a movie that Kevin isn’t even in, I will always find a way to send him brotherly love”

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