Ecstasy As Liverpool Drops Roma, Hits Champions League Finals

Ecstasy As Liverpool Drops Roma, Hits Champions League Finals
The Scottish and Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson
Liverpool have been able to push through to the finals of the 2018 Champions League and to the players, it is an overwhelming and remarkable experience for them and some of the can’t seem to get past the Euphoria of being in the finals of the Champions League as it is like a dream come through.

The Ecstatic feeling around Liverpool has been pretty sufficiently summed up in a sentence as expressed by Andy Robertson: “Bloody hell, we’re in the champions League final.”

The Reds will never forget the 2nd of may, after they lost (4-2) to Roma in their return match in Italy’s capital, but still made it through (after beating AS Roma to a 7-6 aggregate) to the finals against Real Madrid, the La Liga giants.

Being in the final in the first place is enough ecstasy for the teammates, especially Robertson, even though their fate is uncertain as to the outcome of the match against the two-time consecutive European champions, Real Madrid.

“At times when you’re playing at Queen’s Park, Dundee United even Hull, you don’t ever think you’re going to play in a Champions League final,” he said.

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“But when you come to a club like this, they’ve won it five times, they’ve competed in it a lot of times, you come here to try and win trophies and that’s what we’ll try and do.

“This season it’s the Champions League and we’re one step closer.

“It’s just relief really. Hearing the final whistle and you go, ‘bloody hell, we’re in the Champions League final’ and I think a few of the lads maybe took a wee bit of time and there was a few on the floor, a few hugging and it’s just adrenaline gets you through.

“It was just an unbelievable feeling and a feeling when the draw got made we wanted at the end of two ties.”

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The result of the judgment form the referee in favour of the AS Roma vs Liverpool match has however provoked a lot of reactions since Wednesday and no doubts, the fans, players, and the manager are all pained.

This reason for the anguish is not far-fetched from being beaten out of the finals after a really long try over the past decade to get to that point.

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