Ekiti state PDP releases a new song for Fayose – Let God arise and the APC be scattered!

Ayodele Fayose

At the event to mark the third anniversary of Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti state governor, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has made a prayer against the All Progressives Congress (APC), via a song during the praise and worship section of the event.

According to the source, the instrumentalists played the rhythm of a popular Christian song, ‘Let God arise,’ but rather the PDP members remixed the song to  their own version,

PDP rally


Let God arise and the APC be scattered!

Let God arise and the APC be scattered!

Let God arise and the APC be scattered!

Let God, Let God arise!

Mr Fayose, during his speech said: “Today, I am here to appreciate all of you and remind you that they said that the 16-0 of 2014 of was photochromic and later militarised

This time, they are the owners of INEC, Army, Police, Civil Defence, DSS and others; we should make it expressly clear that despite the machinery in their hands, we can defeat them like we did in 2014, if not more.

As he continues; “The 2018 election in Ekiti is one election that everyone should be interested in. The whole world should monitor events before, during and after the election and let whoever that will win the election wins in a free and fair atmosphere

Currently, I am in court to seek redress for the coup-de-tat of 2006 by the declaration of state of emergency by the civilian junta of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. It is my belief that the courts that granted me the relief that the impeachment was a nullity will equally restore justice by establishing the fact that I deserve another tenure.

Nevertheless, whether the continuity is by Ayo Fayose or any member of his political family, it is still continuity, which I have asked you to support.”

Adding that: “Those who trade in lies and propaganda daily are in control of the federal government and as at today, is there anything that they have done for us here in Ekiti? The answer is No!

We have a representative in the federal executive council and we have someone who is working with the acting president. But they are self-seekers who do not believe in the Ekiti project. They were the people, who during their four years reign here plunged our state into debt and destroyed the economy of the State. They made our state to be indebted till year 2036 by their maladministration.

Two Years in office, they cannot point to a single benefit derived from their government by Ekiti state.

We are therefore saying never again to these looters, financial devourers and enemies of our state who only believe in themselves and not in the progress of our state.”

The governor also called on Nigerians and the International community to follow-up the activities that would commence in his state throughout the 2018 governorship election period.


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