Elephant Grass: One of The Few Plants that Grows Only In Africa


Plant that grows of the savannas has the ability to survive even in periods of drought because of the long root that is connected to water deep down the ground, and Elephant grass is not an exemption. 

Elephant Grass

They have very thick back, hard enough to protect them from fire and trunks that stores water.
Mainly, there are plants that grow in the Savannas like, Rhodes grass, Oats grass, Star grass, Lemon grass and shrubs.

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Plants like elephant grass grow in a particular area of the savanna biome.
Elephant Grass of Savanna
The Elephant grass is a 10 feet tall grass that grows in the Savanna of Africa. It grows along lake beds and by river sides where the soil is very rich, the stems of the grass are coarse and hairy. Often times, farmers cut the grass to feed their animals.
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