Everyone Can Handle ‘Hydra Facial’ To Achieve Clean Skin & Pores?

Everyone Can Handle 'hydra facial' To Achieve Clean Skin & Pores?- Surge.ng
Radiant Hydra Facial/ Photo credit: Cusmetics surgery plus

It’s one of my favorite treatments because it’s appropriate for all skin types. Who doesn’t need clean skin and especially clean pores? I’m very much sure that everyone needs it. Lets get started by first understanding what a Hydra Facial means.

The Hydra Facial is hydradermabrasion. This is different than a Diamond Peel or microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion does have its place. It’s great for acne scarring and thick, sun damaged skin. It scrapes and sucks dead skin. However, with microdermabrasion, you’re dealing more with surface issues and it’s not appropriate for all skin types, as I’ve seen quite a bit of damage from practitioners over using this modality.

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Hydradermabrasion works differently. It’s the only modality that cleans inside the pores and the surface of the skin. On one end of the nozzle, water flows into the pores. On the other end, the water that has flushed out the skin gets sucked into a container attached to the machine. Afterwards, it’s quite gratifying to see the dead skin, toxins, and blockages that are released from the pores. They can be small and they can be big. Either way, you’re getting your pores clean and hydrated.

Clean skin absorbs nutrients from serums, moisturizers, and other skin treatments far better than skin with blocked pores. The skin cell turnover cycle is approximately 28 days. This is why we recommend a monthly hydraderm. Our regular clients beam when the compliments start flowing in.

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We have two machines, one that uses a lactic acid solution that uses this alpha hydroxy (lactic) to break up tissue and soften the skin. However, this isn’t appropriate for all of our clients. We also have a machine that uses just water to clean and hydrate. If you know anything about Jill Adelyn Aesthetics, every ingredient is customized to fit an individual’s needs and we’re always changing it up to keep the skin guessing and responsive.

Add on a dermaplane to remove even more dead skin and that vellus hair that makes us fuzzy. We all have a fuzzy face beard that when removed, takes years off of the appearance of the skin. Other popular add ons are the galvanic, high frequency, or light therapy.

In this climate, I love the hydraderm. Book your appointment today! Flush out those pores and experience beautifully clean skin

From Jill Adelyn.

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