Fans Blames Peter and Paul’s Fight On ‘Jude’ After Peter’s Absence At Paul’s Twins Birthday Party

Fans Blames Peter and Paul's Fight On 'Jude' After Peter's Absence At Paul's Twins Birthday Party - Surge Zirc
All stars at the Paul Okoye’s twins birthday celebration/Photo credit: Instagram

Aw! How long will this fight between Peter and Paul of PSquare last? Paul Okoye released pictures from his twins birthday party on Instagram, lots of celebrities where present including their elder brother Jude Okoye, but Peter was not seen.

Kafe dance and other dignitaries at the Paul’s twins birthday party/Photo credit: Instagram

Too bad, but for the records – Peter was on music tour and was actually in Belgium for a concert and so wouldn’t have been there. But where was Lola Peter’s wife and kids?

Paul Okoye and daughter Nadia Okoye right and Miracle Ikechukwu left at the twins birthday party/Photo credit: Instagram

Meanwhile, fans are really blaming the enmity between the twins Peter and Paul on their elder brother Jude whom they believe had failed in his capacity as an elder brother since he couldn’t unit them.

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Paul Okoye and some guest at the birthday party/Photo credit: Instagram

Feel a few of the comments that Peter’s absence from the party generated:

raph_bestman – I was not expecting peter to be there,because he was not in town,he has a show that day at Belgium, but seriously Paul need to apologize to Peter, he really has to do that, because he insulted his wife publicly, and said that she has over stayed her welcome that she should go,that blood is thicker than juju,it won’t take Paul anything to walk to his brother and say to him Mr p my brother please am sorry, with the look of things Peter is still angry,watched the video where Jude and Paul fight peter,men Paul go and apologize, I don’t care if after this my write up u block me!

Paul Okoye and wife, Jim Iyke at the birthday party/Photo credit: Instagram

mimzybombshell@king_porsh007 idiot, that thunder go start from u, Peter fans, u guys are biased, even Paul’s fan too, but not a single birthday post for Paul’s twins is bad, Paul posted birthday wishes for both Cameron and aliona, nobody says Peter should leave his tour, but a post could have made things easier, no matter d problem they have, they shouldn’t transfer it to their children.

Paul and wife Okoye and guest at the twins party/Photo credit: Instagram

iam_gudguy Why the hate when both have enough money that can even take good care of my generation? @rudeboypsquare and @peterpsquare though i don’t see any wrong with you guys not working together but that shouldn’t wash away your blood as brothers! No longer a duo? Fine, You gat money, celebrate together… Put Family over everything, you became family even before you started singing… Goodluck guys.

Kaffy dance and Tobi Bakre were all guest at the party: Instagram

tofyne – I felt bad going thru this pics and didn’t see peter ! Why would twin brothers let a misunderstanding affect their family, this is bad.

manfak80 – Peter singing bank alert on stage yesterday in his Europe tour… A song dat is written by Paul.peter is living a fake life. shame on him.

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pricelesss_jewel@bukyballas @judeengees is the major problem in that family. I said it before and I will say it again. He can block his head.

smoking_eagles @levidru He is not asking him to control grown adults, but as their eldest brother he serves as their father and mother. He shouldn’t let their family to be broken, he should call them in order and set them straight. Although I dunno what caused their fight tho.

mimzybombshell@ansah2450 Paul used to wish Peter’s children happy birthday but no wish from Peter when it’s Paul’s, that’s not fair

humble_soonest @kauzabanda This is what I was about to say now before I see your comment hmmm for you Paul you are celebrating what ever you called it and your twins brother is not with you hmm bro that is not a good idea at all I have been in Europe for years now all the white twins I see them normally go out with each other and I always ask myself this question does it mean that all this people are not married because both old and young you normally see them together.bros you people have to change your way bro because there are many people under you looking out to your people blood is blood no matter what I rest my case.

zion985@peterpsquare is so shameless he was so proud to perform bank alert , a song done by @rudeboypsquare Paul only let him feature in the video, @peterpsquare Is nothing but a crying baby, he fakes reality, he pretends to be OK, but we all know what’s up @peterpsquarePlz just be original, fans can’t sing along to ur songs, and now you prefer to sing Paul’s hit  songs to cheerup you so called fans. Paul’s wife gave birth to twins no congratulations no visitation, now its their first birthday you can’t wish them good, guy you are heartless, and you still want to progress in life? You must be joking, see ur life, may almighty God help you.

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officiall_e_velly_clothingz – Brof, in all the pics I did not see your own twin brother. Pls I love you both, no matter what pls remember how you guys started. Even if you both don’t wanna come back as Tim, but let that family Tim never fade pls. Hbd to Nathan and Nadia llnp have fundz.

Unbelievable!! What do you think, is Jude really to be blamed? How about the fact that Paul posts birthday messages to Peter’s kids and and now Peter blanked?

Let’s have opinions, we’ll sure bring you feed back on your comment.

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