FFK Faults Buhari’s Govt. For The Killing Of A Young School Boy By A Madman

FFK Faults Buhari's Govt. For The Killing Of A Young School Boy By A Mad Man - Surge.ng
Femi Fani Kayode/ Photo Kayode

Whoops! Femi Fani Kayode has faulted the devilish killing of a young innocent school boy of about 3-4 years old. The former aviation minister published his concern in respect of the butcher done to the innocent boy on Instagram, where he blamed President Muhammadu Buhari’s government for the mass murder going on the Nigeria.

  • real_ffk We warned the Nigerian people but they would not listen. This is where Buhari has taken Nigeria. He can’t even protect the children. This is an evil and insensitive government that thrives on genocide, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and conflict and that feeds on human blood. We must get them out!

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A supposed eyewitnesses told the story differently from what Femi Kayode feels.

  • therrietory_blog@yeyopizie please learn to research properly on matters like this so that selfish politicians don’t feed on your gullibility and ignorance. This incident happened at St John’s Anglican Primary School Agodo, Ondo State yesterday afternoon. It has nothing to do with Fulani herdsmen. The school authority and police officers reported that the killer is a known madman in the community. Seek for facts not rumors.

Angry Nigerian’s react as foolows…

  • kanma1234 what are this small boy offense? this people have nothing to contribute in Nigeria ..accept killings this people think they have heart …when this they clumping comes they will know killing children is the part of the war

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  • yeyopizie@therrietory_blog my bad I recall the story.. that doesn’t mean buhari is not guilty for all I mentioned earlier..he is a sectional leader and also incompetent
  • im_igbaThis is becoming unbearable. I’m so sad right now. Something must be done as soon as possible. Whether Buhari or no Buhari, youths will rise up. What rubbish

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  • mr.slim01 I’m highly disappointed at this foolish old man posting irrelevant bullshit on social media, Nigerians please wise up, this bullshit has nothing to do with Buhari’s administration, this is just some crazy bullshit y’all Nigerian politicians deserves a painful and miserable death, fuck you all old faggots you will never see happiness with your miserable life you will surfer just the way you’re making innocent Nigerians surfer, y’all bastards should leave politics and stop your foolishness, fucking old bastards, Ogun will kill all of you including the half dead Buhari we are calling president
  • mc_wako@real_ffk say a little u don’t need to shout it Buhari and his vampires will surely be booted out come 2019 but my major concern is that PDP should put things in order before then cux we must be united as one.




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