Georgina Young: Apology To My Role Model, Chika Ike

Georgina Young/ Photo credit: Young

In reaction to a post made on Surge platform by Georgina Young, an associate writer with with the caption ‘Actress Chika Ike May Loose It Soon With Fans’ on the 8th day of March 2018, in reference to the section were the writer published that she had a telephone interview with ‘Chika Ike’ and she expressed anger over fans reactions on her photo…

I ‘Georgina Young’ tender an unreserved apology to Chika Ike and her team. She’s my role model and there’s no way I was going to plot her down…just that my intentions were miscalculated and misunderstood.

My intention was to let ‘Chika Ike’ know that I was fighting for her. Moreover, I thought letting fans know she’s angry over their abusive comment would make them stop, that was the reason I said she said so in a phone call.

I hope I’ve been able to clarify this issue. I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused everyone involved.

From Surge Management Team.

Following the gross level of misconduct and absolute violation of the Surge company rules by the associate writer whose name is associated here…we publicly announce her dis-allowance to submit any content for publishing. We also tender our unreserved apology to our own ‘Chika Ike’.

Signed by: Sam Zewas, for: Surge Team

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