Gov. Nyeson Wike: Kanu has more Followers than any Human


Gov. Nyeson Wike

The Governor Of Rivers State, Nyeson Wike made the proclamation while addressing members of the press at the Government House in Rivers State.

The Governor of Rivers State, stated that it would be impossible to defeat the IPOB Leader, because he is extraordinary and that he currently has more followers and supporter than any man walking the face of the earth.

He also stated that an attempt on the life of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra would attract foreign community and might start another war, which is the least of what the country needs. He also stated some possible solutions in his statement below.

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According to Gov. Nyeson Wike, “I have been receiving calls from different groups and even from Aso Villa wanting to know the real deal why I stopped talking about the IPOB leader”.
”There is something extraordinary about him that you cannot defeat no matter how hard you try, anytime you try to stop him it turns immaterial, a man who has more followers than any human on the face of the earth currently now, to defeat him, will be mathematically impossible”.

If you kill him, the fight will not only end here, but to other countries, if you detain him, the World and Biafrans will agitate for his release even at gun point”.
”The only way to handle that man is to over look him, let him have his way, don’t use force on him, because that will never work, but will add more wounds to already wound”.

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”At least since I have over looked him, I can now have peace of mind and face my work as a governor of the people”. 

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