Governor Nyesom Wike Faults Buhari’s Proposed Visit To Rivers State

Governor Nyesom Wike
Governor Nyesom Wike:photo credit/
In an interview with the State House Reporters, it was revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari had planned to visit Rivers State in respect to recent killing incidents in some parts of the State.

According to Buhari’s spokesman- Femi Adesina, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has indicated no interest in Buhari’s plan to visit Rivers State.

He said: “It’s left to him and the federal government to decide the next step”.

Femi Adesina believes that Governor Nyesom Wike’s reason for objection to the proposed visit is based on wrong proposition.

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He said the major reason the president wants to visit Rivers State is to sympathize with the families of those affected by various killings in the state, especially the “New Year killing incident at Omoku.”

“If he (Wike) doesn’t understand, the rest of the country understands. We understand, other Nigerians understand. Even people in Rivers state understand because on New Year Day, a minimum of 24 people were killed in Omoku.

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“So, is that not crisis? And can you count the number of people that have been beheaded in Rivers state in recent times?

“People will be killed and heads will be cut off and the assailants will go away with the heads. So, can anybody say that there is no security issue in that kind of place?

“It’s left to the governor. He’s the chief security officer. If he says there’s no security crisis in his state, good luck to him,  Adesina said.

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“I’m sure he will be formally informed of the date. So, if he now says he doesn’t want the visit, it’s left to him and the federal government to decide the next step” Adesina  added.

On the other hand, Governor Nyesom Wike did not seem to be disputing or faulting the idea completely, he said:

“I hear they say that the President is coming to our state. I have not been told the President is coming and why he is coming. He has the right to come to any state. Maybe the President is coming to make sure that he will improve the fortunes of the APC that is dead in Rivers State. Apart from Jesus Christ, we don’t know of anyone who has risen a dead thing. APC is a dead party in Rivers State. No matter how you fast and pray, it will never wake up.

He also said:

“Let nobody bother him or herself that the President is coming for security reasons. We don’t have security challenges in the state. We have never had herdsmen killings or crisis in the state, except when some criminals tried to disrupt the peace and they were checked. We resolved that challenge.

He also made it clear that there is no state as long as Nigeria is concerned that is completely free from kidnapping, armed robbery and other forms of vices. For him, if President Muhammadu Buhari is visiting because of kidnappers and armed robbers, then he should visit all the 36 states.

He, however, noted that as the state that produces the wealth that supports the country, President is welcome to visit the wealth producers of the nation.

“Since the administration has abandoned Rivers State for three years, this visit may be a blessing in disguise. The president may use the visit to complete the Port Harcourt International Airport, the neglected East West road, the neglected sea ports and the rejected Port Harcourt-Aba road,” Governor Wike said.

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