Great News! Get your Abs And Six Packs In No Time With This Great Tummy Reduction Machine

A lot of women and men have struggled over time to maintain a certain level of flat tummy by reducing their intake of food, liquids etc, going through an exercise regimen that sometimes break them down or inflict them with great pain and little result, some have turned to surgery for a lasting solution at a very exorbitant price. This tummy reducing machine from Konga has been programmed to take care of all that with little or no stress.

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Ab King Pro-Fast Tummy Reduction Machine

The Ab King pro is safe, sturdy, foldable machine to strengthen and define the abdominal muscles, unlike the traditional abs work out machines, the key selling point of the Ab king is that it gives a 200 degree range of motion. Most traditional abdominal workout machines allow a 90 degree range of motion.

Look, many products and exercises only work your abs on the way up but the AB KING amazing design brings you below parallel by as much as 200- degrees adding that extra range of motion to target your upper, middle, lower abs and obliques all at the same time for an incredibly efficient workout. With the amazing Ab King you’ll help flatten that stomach and help eliminate love handles in weeks, not months –we guarantee it. It will give you a flat, sexy, rock hard abs faster than any other product.

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The Ab King Pro’s 200 degree range of motion allow you stretch the upper abdominal muscles and fully workout the upper, middle, lower abdominal muscles and outer oblique at one setting. It also offers safe neck and back support, keeping the user in alignment and eliminating the risk of injury. It offers different levels of resistance.

The Ab king pro workout has 6 moves to shape and strengthen the entire midsection. It has levels for the beginner to the most advanced levels of training. Ab king pro offers a variety of ranges of motion that provide different levels of resistance. It is designed to meet your abdominal training needs whether you are just getting started with an abdominal workout program or are experienced with abdominal exercises.

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The different levels means you can be sitting up more for an easier workout or lying back to work more areas of your body, which is harder.

Its Thick padding allows you to exercise in comfort and provides excellent support.

Dimensions: L: 45” x W: 8” x H: 16”

(L: 114 cm x W: 20 cm x H: 41 cm)

Get all these and more with just Twenty five thousand five hundred Naira (25,500) only. Hurry NOW while stock lasts.


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