Here’s What DJ Exclusive Did To Discard ‘Untalented Star’ Label On Him

Here's What DJ Exclusive Did To Discard 'Untalented Star' Label On Him-
Dj Exclusive scratching the turn-table set/ Photo creidt: Instagram

Dj Exclusive had made it to the top of the blog headlines on the internet severally, as one of the most untalented Nigeria’s super stars. Celebrity gossip blogs concluded their rating based on the fact that, Dj Exclusive features top MUSIC stars, but would have little or no contribution to make through the songs.

Over the years, Dj Exclusive has been tied to quite a number of Funny Slogans…like,

‘It is hot’,

‘Dj Exclusive De for here’,

‘It is we’, and lots more.

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He had featured Timaya, Tuface, Olamide and many more artist, and had repeated most of the slogans listed above at the beginning of the song or at the end of the song. And so the public got tied and rated him ‘the most untalented music star’.

Exclusive took to Instagram and posted a short video clip of himself doing a creative scratch as a ‘Dj’. He has to brush off the pain in his ass by posting: ”For those that doubt…and all they are asking is, is that the DJ?”, as an evidence that he is a practiced Dj

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Now to the public, he is a Dj and not a music star, get it straight and free him. But bro…define you mission, and stop confusing your destiny and ours. Truly, at a time, your slogan at the end of a song, after another musician had finish the major work, sucks.

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