House on the Rock Fire Outbreak


Fire broke out on Sunday at the House on the Rock Church located close to the National stadium Abuja.
According to a member of the Church, the main building had not been in use for a while now as renovation work was on-going.

It was gathered that the building visibly ablaze while 7 fire fighter trucks were at the scene as the fire fighters were struggling to put out the flames.

However, the Pastor in charge of the House on the Rock Church, Rev. Kennedy Asigime, who expressed his grief, stated that that there were no casualties as members of the church had gone home at the time of the event. He also noted that the Nigerian fire fighters arrived the scene with the same ladder used by Electricity Distribution Companies and without water.

“The most unfortunate thing is the fact that we have a fire service that is not properly equipped to help in such situations. We have no idea what caused the fire, whether it is an electrical fault or not, nobody knows for now,” he said.

“This whole building cost about N3 billion and a very substantial part of the building has been totally destroyed. We cannot be sure of what is left standing now, we need to do an integrity test to know if the whole building is going to be knocked down,” he added.

The Pastor further noted that the timely response of the Fire Service was commendable but the response with substance to deal with the situation “is below zero.’’ He stressed that the fire fighters were not well equipped to extinguish the fire as they lacked the required liquid and came with “the same ladder used by Electric Distribution Companies.

Fire fighters battling to put out fire that gutted the House on the Rock

“They were just here because they want to put it on record that they responded to the call; but they got here and said they did not have water. Until trucks from the private sector started coming, trucks from Julius Berger and NNPC, may God help us in this country,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the cause of the fire is still yet unknown.


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