Husband Gives Wife ‘Death’ As Birthday Gift

Husband Gives Wife 'Death' As Birthday Gift
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Report has it that over the weekend a woman identified as Sokari West was allegedly stabbed to death by her supposed husband on her birthday for allegedly refusing to prepare a meal for him.

The victim, a 33-year-old mother with two kids reportedly had a quarrel with her husband, Ibisaki, over her alleged refusal to prepare a meal for the family instead, she went out to celebrate her birthday with friends and returned late in the night.

A reliable source who explained how the incident happened also disclosed that the couple have had several marital crises in the past, which led to their separation, but they later reconciled after the intervention of their family.

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The source said, “What led to the fight was that, on Saturday, the husband told her to cook. But she ignored his instruction and went out to celebrate her birthday. So, when she went home later in the evening, she met her husband eating the soup she refused to prepare. Already drunk, she tried to eat the food, but the man stopped her. She lifted the plate and poured the soup on the husband.

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“Her action did not go well with her husband, who immediately stood up started beating her. He picked a bottle he collected from her in the course of the fight, broke it and stabbed her on the lap. She fell down and was bleeding heavily. They rushed her to the health centre but there was no doctor to attend to her. They took her to a medicine store to stop the bleeding, but no one was there to attend to her. So, it was when they took her to the UPTH that a doctor, who examined her, confirmed that she was dead.”

However, on hearing the condition of his wife, Ibisaki, surrendered himself to the Buguma Police Station.

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